Resume of Fred Scott Thompson

1042 E Patten Dr
Palatine, Illinois 60074 United States


To use my IT development, support and operations experience to provide new and improved solutions for your organization.

Technical Skills

Front End
  • HTML4 / HTML5
  • CSS2 / CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery / jQuery UI
  • Mobile (redirects if on computer)
  • Sitefinity (redirects if on phone)
  • Google Maps
  • more...
  • Cold Fusion
  • CICS
Back End
  • .NET / .NET Core
  • UNIX Shell Script
  • Windows Services
  • Entity Framework
  • Control/M Scheduler
  • more...
  • PL/SQL
  • Progress 4GL
  • WSH
  • Java
  • Perl
  • PowerBuilder
  • JCL
  • Windows Servers
  • HP-UX / Linux
  • more...
  • FreeBSD / OpenBSD
  • IBM Mainframe
  • VAX
  • Burroughs
  • IBM 8100 (DPPX)
  • Tektronics 4051
  • SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • more...
  • Progress DB
  • DB2
  • RDB
  • IMS
  • Source Control
  • Change Control
  • Waterfall
  • DevOps
  • Agile
  • ITIL
  • Team Member
  • Team Leader
  • Project Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • Systems Analyst
  • Technical Architect
  • Technical Writer
  • Developer
  • Tester
  • Trainer
  • Manager
  • On Call (24x7x365)
  • System Administrator
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  • Accounts Receivable
  • Application Security
  • Aquisitions
  • Consumer Response
  • Decision Support
  • Divestitures
  • Invoicing
  • Laboratory Systems
  • Product Locators
  • Quality Assurance
  • Tax Reporting
  • Trade Payments
  • Trade Secrets
  • Voice Response


Senior Analyst - PepsiCo - 3/12/2011 through 6/15/2019
  • Helped third-party support team resolve issues and understand PepsiCo systems
  • Oversaw transition of selected PepsiCo applications to third-party support
  • Managed hosting transition of externally-hosted Consumer Response web sites
  • Remediated key laboratory system for internal Windows 10/Office 365 rollout
  • Created distributed monitoring application with central dashboard and alerting
  • Was technical lead and architect for investment projects to:
    • Interface a trade secrets laboratory system with a non-trusted system
    • Enable globalization of a very legacy trade secrets laboratory system
    • Replace and IVR and email vendor interface with a low attack profile web portal
    • Move a trade secrets laboratory system from the lab floor to a data center
  • Provided design, oversight, interfaces and testing for offshore-devopled mobile site
  • Supported VML initiative for Gatorade by creating product locator widgets for Sitefinity
  • Took over as techincal lead for a project to use Sitefinity to provide 'Contact Us' forms
  • Provided a configurable interface layer to control access to a trade secret system
  • Provided network, performance and security monitoring tools for a global application
Senior Specialist - PepsiCo Business Solution Group - 11/1/2008 through 3/11/2011
  • Developed heuristic routines to enforce acceptable use of PepsiCo's product locator
  • Provided seamless hosting transition for Consumer Response web applications
  • Created Google Maps-based presentation of PepsiCo's product locator results
  • Enhanced the maintenance system which defines PepsiCo's product locators
  • Designed and implemented an approach for consumer response 'Reply' forms
  • Implemented 'Contact Us' forms for all PepsiCo brands using a custom framework
  • Helped plan and implement the outsourcing of PepsiCo's Consumer Response system
  • Provided enhancement to and 24 hour support for various UNIX-based batch systems
Senior Specialist - PepsiCo International - 6/27/2005 through 10/31/2008
  • Created the services which support the product locators for all PepsiCo brands
  • Created the network monitoring tools which enabled solution of performance problems
  • Performed programming to support pilots of a voice-response product locators
  • Reduced the PepsiCo product locator reload time threefold by using parallel processing
  • Provided design and programming for the conversion of Frito-Lay's CR system
  • Supported SAP deployment by designing and implementimplemented interfaces
  • Created a system tointegrate sales and production data to support quality reporting
  • Led the conversion of Quaker's Canadian Consumer Response system
Senior Specialist - PepsiCo - 1/1/2003 through 6/26/2005
  • Led the transformation of Tropicana's Consumer Response system
  • Created the since-retired product locator site
  • Supported and extended PepsiCo's Wilke-Thornton Consumer Response systems
  • Applied Quaker web contact processing technology to Pepsi web sites
  • Assumed support an out-of-maintenance business intelligence system
Senior Systems Analyst - PepsiCo - 8/3/2001 through 12/31/2002
  • Applied an architectural-level solution to change accounting calendars safely
  • Supported and extended the Quaker Oats and Gatorade Consumer Response system
  • Built a simple-looking front end to create complex Business Objects queries
Quaker Oats
Senior Systems Analyst - 1/1/2000 through 8/2/2001
  • Built an internal product locator system using internal and external data
  • Built a multimedia intranet site for consumer response which included reporting
  • Stabilized a new [alpha-release] consumer response system and upgraded it
  • Served on the hand-picked Y2K SWAT Team (which had little to due on the big day)
Sr. Application Tech Support Analyst - 9/1/1994 through 12/31/1999
  • Designed and co-implemented an automated trade claims approval system
  • Created tax reporting to meet regulatory requirements and to realize tax savings
  • Provided ad-hoc accounts receivable systems to support a series of divestitures
  • Created departmental decision-support environments using FOCUS
  • Supported FOCUS company-wide and trained others to use it effectively
Senior Systems Analyst - 9/1/1993 through 8/31/1994
  • Created FOCUS reporting of various types against large DB2 tables
Applications Consultant - 10/1/1992 through 8/31/1993
  • Served on the Technical Architecture team for a conversion to a DB/2 environment
  • Co-developed and used a framework for the mass production of report programs
Unit Manager - 3/1/1986 through 9/30/1992
  • Managed 10-20 programmers and analysts, both contract and permanent
  • Managed support of post-shipment processing including invoicing and sales reporting
  • Oversaw the implementation of the company's first client-server application
  • Led the operational readiness team for a new order processing system
Senior Systems Engineer - 3/1/1985 through 2/28/1985
  • Led invoicing enhancement projects which generated over $1MM annual savings
G. D. Searle
Distribution Systems Manager - 2/1/1983 through 2/28/1985
  • Made technical and administrative changes which stabilized a small data center
  • Managed the turn around of the lot tracking system to meet drug recall regulations
W. W. Grainger
Senior Distribution Systems Analyst - 12/1/1981 through 1/31/1983
  • Co-designed and tested a new warehouse management system for a new 1.2MM square foot facility
  • Developed pick planning algorithms and designed control system for use in all major facilities
Distribution Systems Analyst - 12/1/1979 through 11/30/1981
  • Wrote a program to determine optional small-parts packaging and created pictorial instructions
  • Tested, rolled out, and upgraded the company's first automated work scheduling system


B. A. in Economics (Quantitative Methods)
Claremont McKenna College   Claremont, California


U. S. Citizen
References available upon request
Available June 17, 2019